Marina Nahhas is a highly professional and dedicated leader, that has always prioritized the company vision and her team members’ needs above hers. Her team-first approach and leadership style inspire others to follow her example and be inspired by her handling of various situations that occur. Marina’s leadership style sets her apart and contributes to a new ‘can-do’ culture within ProgressPlay based on collaboration, teamwork, high standards, and success with internal and external stakeholders. With a keen eye for talent, Marina is someone who can help create an environment that keeps her teams working positively and making sure that every voice is heard. Marina’s creativity and determination have further contributed towards ProgressPlay’s evolution, bolstering the company’s efforts and helping it move forward at a pace that was considered unlikely seven years ago. By thinking creatively and
staying updated on market trends, Marina was one of the key factors contributing to the company’s growth and evolution over the years. Her positive attitude and drive inspire others to commit
more passionately, which has been a testament to her ability to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing market and to help identify additional opportunities for the company. The pioneering leader has always looked up to Itai Loewenstein, CEO of ProgressPlay. He has inspired Marina, and his leadership, guidance, and shared vision have significantly influenced her leadership style and approach to man management. Under Itai’s mentorship, Marina has been given the drive to strive for excellence, embrace innovation, and foster a culture of growth and positivity. This is also the foundation of ProgressPlay’s
identity as a company, and why it has been such a successful player in the iGaming industry; a feeling of camaraderie, teams sharing in decision-making, and fostering the feeling that everyone has an opportunity to provide input and feedback.

Becoming A Leader

Fostering a supportive environment where individuals can thrive is a common theme amongst all the teams Marina has participated

in. The growth of the various departments she has been a key part of – VIP, Account Managers, Sales, and Marketing – each more or less starting from ground zero, coincided with the company’s rapid expansion into bringing in more partners and brands, with Marina assisting this push by expanding the company portfolio with an additional 90+ brands brought in during her tenure. This paralleled ProgressPlay’s mission to serve a broader array of market segments with an expanded range of products and services. When the company saw the opportunity to expand into turnkey and licensee solutions, Marina was elected to lead a newly established Sales & Marketing Department. She focused on these disciplines in a systematic manner, using her experience gained from team-building elsewhere within the organization as a springboard. This led to new clients and opportunities for cooperation, peaking with a strong presence at ICE 2024.

“At ProgressPlay, people and teams grow together, strengthen the organization, and encourage high performance. As ProgressPlay has flourished, team members have an environment that promotes
their input, has shared values and goals, and has their best interests in mind, with the appropriate leadership figures to support these values,” says Marina.

Adaptation & Growth

Marina and her team aim to leverage the company’s new offerings, white-label, turnkey solutions, and standalone licensees to unlock new market opportunities. She has been tasked to establish a new
Sales & Marketing Department to communicate the latest solutions and to ensure that the market is adequately aware of the areas in which ProgressPlay can collaborate for mutual advantages. “We
grow as our channels grow and improve their operations around our platform when it comes to standalone licensees. In this process, we have been further developing our unique value proposition that
differentiates ProgressPlay’s product and service portfolio from competitors and resonates with the needs of the three B2B segments we mentioned earlier, with whom we are keen to engage”, explains Marina. “That puts us on the road more-or-less 12 months a year, visiting various shows and conferences where we have been hailed as stars by the international media.” This plays into the company’s marketing strategy to gain visibility for the brand, but more importantly, for industry professionals to understand what ProgressPlay has that’s so very different from everyone else. Recently, the company expanded its market reach by introducing a sportsbook through a partnership with BetConstruct, introducing a new market from their previous focus on strictly casino clients, to further bolster ProgressPlay’s existing reputation as a top-quality UK-licensed operator, offering competitive and compliant products in the UK market. The company’s expansion towards licensee and turnkey solutions are the next steps ProgressPlay sees as key steps to generate significant growth and shape its future. “Of course,
while nobody can see around corners, we are confident from the feedback we are getting that our product development process is absolutely sound, that we have a message that the market wants to hear,” adds Marina. “We’ve been in business for over 10 years and keep improving year on year, looking ever forward to the future of our products and the iGaming industry at large. We are still maturing and motivated to keep building the brand and our capabilities to serve our B2B community, who can put
their faith in the fact that we never stop; it’s 24/7/365 full-on.”


A Responsible Sport

While ProgressPlay focuses on growth and innovation, it also recognizes the importance of responsible gambling. The
company has implemented robust measures, including creating an AI-driven proprietary flow for interaction with players, identifying them in real time, and scoring them against several criteria. Recognized by EGR’s judging panel last year, this technology has been further enhanced by the formation of a Responsible Gambling Team in-house, who take ownership of service levels available and covers a range of factors, including KYC, player activity, affordability levels, and results in a transparent audit trail to protect and enable players. The new platform’s proprietary flows include interaction funnels, onboarding, retention, reduced attrition, lifetime value, and other KPIs, which their large casino cluster now has full access to. A new multidisciplinary Responsible Gambling Team was formed, putting together a talented team of top executives alongside a new “Responsible Gaming Monitoring Committee”
to help steer the development of Responsible Gambling actions within the company and an innovative Progress Learn platform to spread the knowledge and skills around Responsible Gambling company-wide. From the initial interaction with the customer, complete data is collected to categorize the client’s risk level following a real-time evaluation of the player’s activity to ensure his ongoing state. Upon identification, personalized mandatory communications are sent to the client while having the dedicated
Responsible Gaming Team undertake their checks in real-time by reviewing, evaluating, and concluding to take any necessary action, coupled with ongoing monitoring, ensuring their clients are not falling into financial difficulties. An innovative digital resource, Progress Learn, was created to be accessed by all staff 24/7. The goal is to ensure that a robust, Responsible Gaming culture is second nature to every team member company-wide. The resource is constantly updated with new policies, guidelines, videos, webinars, seminars, quizzes, assessments, and classroom training. By prioritizing responsible gaming, ProgressPlay sets a positive example for the industry and demonstrates its commitment to player welfare.

Towards A Bright Future

Marina has aligned her future with the company’s growth as ProgressPlay scales and gains significant momentum. The company clearly understands how to keep resourcing the growth to ensure premium service to every section of the community, as they extend collaboration with further casino brands and
other entities. ProgressPlay’s product development cycle was undertaken to further enhance its already solid reputation in the iGaming industry by consolidating and deepening established relationships while being part of the catalyst for accelerating conversion in the new business pipeline by being very clear
about the brand promise. “It’s like dropping a stone into a pool of water; it begins with our CEO and the clarity he brings to the whole company and the global market. We in Marketing & Sales amplify that in terms of brand and engagement with all the key parties in the B2B infrastructure,” elucidates Marina.
The iGaming industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years, with millions of players worldwide engaging in online casino games, sports betting, and other forms of virtual gambling entertainment. Amidst this booming market, ProgressPlay stands out for its remarkable progress
and innovative approach to working within a regulated environment and has to constantly balance innovation with safeguards to ensure responsible gambling practices and the protection of players “When our teams come up with incredible proprietary products, there’s just as much innovation in finding ways to communicate that to the marketplace and build trust across the industry. The mix we have would not work for any other company, as they don’t have our history, people, drive, or strategy,” adds Marina. “After a decade-long journey, we have reached remarkable milestones, and it’s no mere coincidence. Working in this inspiring environment, alongside visionary leadership and dedicated teams, is nothing short of an honor.”


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