In a bid to target the Australian and Canadian markets, Pokies has teamed up with one of the most highly respected brands in the online gaming industry, ProgressPlay. In a bid to ride the wave of burgeoning online casino games in those countries, will offer an impressive range of PC and mobile games that are sure to be winners with online gamers. 

With their sights set on the Australian and Canadian online gaming markets, cutting-edge casino network, ProgressPlay, has teamed up with Pokies to launch a new casino brand. offers players the opportunity to enjoy real money casino games. It boasts an incredible amount of PC and mobile games for the gamer to delight in. ProgressPlay continues its unstoppable expansion.

ProgressPlay will support Pokies with all the solutions it needs for its website, back office, player support and online payments. will benefit from their exciting venture with ProgressPlay granting it exclusive access to leading game developers Microgaming, Cryptologic, NextGen, Genesis, Rabcat and many more. A very exciting concept for the online gaming industry.

As gamers will discover when they play, ProgressPlay’s new and innovative platforms provide all the excellence you would expect in terms of graphics, speed and gamer enjoyment.

"Online casinos in Australia are booming as we see a surge in new player signs ups. Pokies will help us immensely to expand our presence in this ever-growing market. We are excited about the future and have every belief in," said ProgressPlay's CEO, Itai Loewenstein.
"ProgressPlay and its wealth of state-of-the-art mobile gaming technology mean that will offer its clients a peerless gaming experience. ProgressPlay’s unbeatable range of games and experience of targeted promotions means that clients are the envy of the marketplace," said the CEO of